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IPhone Crashed rebooted by itself in the middle of play

Wish I read reviews first

do not buy

I really should have listened to the reviews. UI is pleasing to the eye, but that is the only positive thing I can say. there is no "game over". when you run out of moves, you just sit there waiting for something to happen. it leaves much to be desired. total waste of money. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!

Not for the color blind

I can't really play it since the colors are too much alike for me. The developers need to check out what others have done to assist the color challenged.

SameGame Boring

Not worth any money.


I can only mirror what others have said. There is no point to this game. I want my money back. While the UI is very nice, the game itself is stupid. As others have said, there is no game over, you click new game and start all over again while adding to the score. Awful awful game that's a huge rip off. DO NOT BUY THIS!

A work of art: from a design and concept viewpoint!

Addicting. Fun. Beautiful.


I love the same game. But this app is terrible. The scoring system is awful and overall it is simply a badly made app. Don't waste your money.

Good not great.

I still feel like there are some improvments that need to be made. The audio is amazing but the sound effects are a bit lacking. I love the simplicity of the UI but I feel like the game doesn't help you along enough. How about telling me when there are no more moves left. Overall v2.0 is a huge improvment, but I think it is still lacking in several areas.

Awesome app!

Very simple and minimalistic game.

Pick up and play anytime.

This game is a simple yet well designed game. Easy to pick up and play on the go, made the way all iPhone games should be made.

Awsome game

I've played for hours and hours. So simple, but so addictive! LOVE the new version, keep up the good work!

nice fun

simple and fun, great for waiting rooms :D


This game made my whole phone slow and crash quite often I guess I wasted two dollars Oh well can't win em all

A good game.

Well done game, not really my cup of tea but still interesting and challenging for casual gamers like myself.

Improved, but not there yet.

SameGame 2.0 is a very big improvement from 1.0. However, it is still lacking a MAJOR feature. An undo button.

Deperately needs...

1) local & global highscores 2) notification of no moves left


Highly addictive game, pop the squares and get a score enough said

Dead simple, the way it should be

This game is very fun because of its simplicity. It's beautiful, doesn't get in the way, and just works. My only suggestion is that the game should tell you when you run out of pieces. Definitely a great game for just a couple bucks.

No sleeping :)

Wanna stay up at night playing some game ? I can't sleep because of this one, so you know what you should do... Buy it :)

Great game!

Don't be fooled by the reviews from v1, SameGame v2 is a great game. Simple, but fun. There area few things that would make it even better. First, it needs and undo button. It should also have a notification to tell you when you have no more moves left. Other than those few things though, this is a really fun game.

Where's the UNDO???

This game is useless without an "undo" feature! There is also no score board, so you can see how you are ranking! Don't bother with it!

So extremely bad

Worst. App. Ever. This is one of the worst games I have ever downloaded, and I have over 50. I wish I could give it negative stars. I am a huge fan of these kinds of block-clearing games, but this one is the worst of them all. I got it because it was on sale for a buck, but the developers should be embarrassed and ashamed that they can think about stealing $2.99 regularly for such an awful program. When you've run out of moves, the game does nothing. It doesn't tell you "Game Over" or record your score or anything whatsoever. You just assume that it's over and click "new" and restart the same old thing until the game ends again in a minute or two. The puzzles are small and the game has no features whatsoever. Each game ends after a couple minutes at the most and then it's like groundhog day and you do the same thing over and over by clicking the game's ONE button that says "New." A few of these types of games that I have are NeoSamegame, Bonkers, and Bpop. Neosamegame is similar, but the developers actually TRIED to make it interesting by letting you shake and tilt your phone to move the pieces. It also includes the original "samegame" version if you want simplicity. At least that game has different levels of difficulty and lets you choose puzzle size. I'm not a huge fan of that game either, but compared to this app, it is AMAZING. "Bonkers" is even better in that it has levels so that you can advance to the next level of difficulty when you've cleared all your blocks so that your game doesn't end so shortly. And last but not least, "Bpop" is the best of them all. Not only are there levels, but great graphics, sounds, ideas, and features that are just indescribable. Each goal of a level is different, and you keep moving on to the next level until your score isn't good enough. Please check out the Lite version so you can see what I'm talking about. I can't describe it well enough. And the regular price of the full version of that app is just a dollar!! How can the makers of SameGame charge 2.99 for this??? It boggles my mind! THIS IS THE WORST GAME EVER. SERIOUSLY.

Freakin awesome

Great game, needs a undo button but that's it the rest is flawless!

Great Game!

Fun well-made game Steven!! Keep up the good work!!

Huge Ripoff!!!!

Crap copy of "NeoSameGame"! Don't download this thinking that you're getting an update to the program you already purchased, as I foolishly did.

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